About the Network

Why We’re Here:

We know some of the challenges you face as a business owner – we have supported hundreds of micro businesses over the last few years. We also know that when you need support sometimes its difficult to know where to turn.

We are passionate about changing that. Micro businesses have a vital place in the UK economy and we know there is limited support on offer, other than standardised workshops and networking events.

The Concept:

A Nottinghamshire-based network of members who come together once every two months to access specialist support and to share their own experience and knowledge across the group. Mentors with experience in specialist fields are provided at each event and are available to answer questions.

No additional charge is made for questions asked on the day, however, if your question involves a complex solution and requires further involvement from the mentor you will be given the option to take up their services outside the network at a priviledged rate.

The Vision:

That micro businesses benefit from local and specialist support that suits their needs and enables growth in the sector.

How it works

At each of the network’s events there will be an opportunity to network with other micro business owners. It is also an opportunity to start to get to know the mentors better. Whilst each mentor has their specialist area, they all also have some experience in other areas and may be able to shed some light on what you may need to consider or questions you need to ask of a specialist.

The initial networking is followed by an opportunity to join a mentoring group relevant to the business challenōge you would like guidance on.

Each mentor group attendee will share a brief summary of their challenge, what ideas they may have, what things they may have tried and the business impact of overcoming the challenge. The group mentor will note each of the challenges and provide some relevant guidance.

Whilst each mentor will make every attempt to provide guidance to each member of the group, this may not always be possible depending on the size of the mentor group on the day.

We encourage members to attend meetings whether or not they have a current challenge – you might find hidden gems in what others share – or may even raise your own profile amongst members by sharing yours

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