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… to the website of an exciting new network for owners of micro businesses.

If you are looking for affordable support to help you grow your business you have found the right place.

Equipped with nearly a decade of experience in supporting start-up and growing micr0-businesses, we are ready to help you make a difference for your business. If you are ready to explore the next steps that will enable you to grow your business, you’ve landed in the perfect place.

How are we different?

J28 Micro Business Club is a membership network with meetings held once every two months with networking at the beginning of the meeting – not much difference there.

The difference is what happens next. The group separates into smaller groups. You will choose your focus for the event depending on either your needs as a business owner or on your area of knowledge or business experience. You will then join a mentor group.

To give an example, let us assume that your business is approaching the stage of growth when it needs to employ permanent staff. At your next J28 event you will choose to join the Growth Planning Group for discussion and guidance around how you might plan in advance for this; the Bookkeeping and Recruitment Group for ideas and guidance around the steps to recruit the right person; or the Finance & Accounting Group for guidance on the financial aspects of employing staff.

The mentor leading the group will be able to guide your decision making based on their in depth knowledge and the group members will either be in a similar situation to you or be there to add their personal experiences and suggestions around how, where and who.

We look forward to meeting you at our next event.

The Micro Business Team

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